Crash Covered up by MIB in California

This seemed like a great place to start my blog since it happened recently and has my attention today.  I am sure most of you have seen the coverage SecureTeam did on Youtube today.  If not, here is a link to the video.

The story, as reported by a local CBS News affiliate, indicates that a large object with an green/blue/metallic tint crashed near a river bed in some soft sand.  There was only one witness to the incident and he goes by the name of “Bob by the river”.  I’m not sure how credible that is from the start.

“Bob by the river” indicated that he heard the object crash about 100 meters from him in the sand and it sounded like a “thud”, not an explosion like a plane or helicopter would have.  Other witnesses, not to the actual crash but to the object in the sky, stated that a few minutes after seeing the object, 17 minutes to be exact, they saw a Military flight of helicopters rushing towards the scene.

One of the helicopters was reported to be a sky crane helicopter that attached itself to the object and flew off, in formation, as quickly as it came towards the North.  A few minutes later the “fleet” of helicopters is spotted in a neighboring city where the local witnesses indicated the object was oblong shaped but still green/blue/metallic.

To make the incident more unusual the town seemed to be flooded by the infamous Men in Black who flew into the local airport via the planes that fly employees to and from Area 51.  This cannot be validated though since the local airport is so small it does not have staff after 6:00pm, even in the tower.

Lastly, “Bob by the River” disappeared for a period of around six months after this incident.  No one knows where he went or why, just that he disappeared.  When they did locate him and ask him for a statement he stated he did not want to discuss the incident but that he had lost his job which may have resulted in his absence.

My Analysis:

There are far too many elements here that cannot be confirmed.  The only witness goes by the name “Bob by the River” does not seem like a very credible person.  He lives on a river boat, which by itself is does not make his story less credible, however it does indicate that he may not be reliable.

The fact that the Military was only 17 minutes behind the craft indicates that they were either tracking the object or it belongs to our military.  We can all agree that our military is about 50 years ahead of the technology we know about.  It’s very possible that this flight was a test flight by our own Military.

There is also a lack of evidence on the ground of a crash or collision from the object.  They know the location, nearly exactly, thanks to “Bob by the River”, however I was unable to find any pictures or accounts from local news or residents who had visited the area and confirmed a crater or depression of any sort.

I am having a hard time actually believing all of the elements of this story and with the lack of a set of credible witnesses I have to lean towards this being a hoax or something less sinister, although shady.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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