Natural Disasters and UFOs

Many have speculated that UFOs either cause natural disasters or witness them on a regular basis.  The evidence to support both of these speculations can be supported depending upon your views.  I am right down the middle on this topic, if the inhabitants of these UFOs are friendly then it could just be observation.  On the flip side, if they are enemies then they could in-fact be causing these natural disasters as their way of conducting a covert war.  Could we be at war without even knowing it?

Nearly every natural disaster is accompanied with sightings of UFOs.  Some of the more recent include something over Japan during the tsunami in 2011, Pope John Paul’s funeral, September 11th, nearly every volcanic eruption, and of course nearly every earthquake.  I think that there is something else going on in regards to earthquakes though.  The sightings associated with them are usually along the lines of balls of light, strange noises, or nausea.  The balls of light could be UFO related, although I tend to lean towards something more terrestrial. Anyhow…

Searching Youtube for UFO above natural disaster results in so many videos that it would take months to watch them all.  Some are obviously fake, others are borderline, while others are witnessed by many people from many different angles that they are difficult to debunk.  Even if one percent of these sightings are real sightings it confirms everything researchers like myself have been saying for years.

Let us conduct an exercise where we assume that the one percent of sightings above natural disasters are true.  That leaves us with two possible outcomes.  One, they are there to watch, observe, collect data, and hopefully share it with us.  Two, they are the cause of these natural disasters, which makes them less natural, and this is their way of controlling our population?

If we focus on the situation where they are enemies and they are causing the disasters in an effort to control population or wage war it does not seem very effective.  Look at the most devastating disasters in recent history and we quickly realize that the most catastrophic did not even take out one percent of the global population.  If we go all the way back to the 1931 China floods that killed anywhere from one to four million.  Even with the highest estimates at four million people that was only 0.0019% of the estimated global population of just over two billion at the time.  Not a very effective population control.  Not even an effective war.

My Analysis:

Obviously, all of this is speculation and it is very difficult to prove.  I lean towards observation simply because of the math.  It is obvious that UFOs visit natural disaster sites, the evidence is overwhelming, but the question is why.  I subscribe to the theory of time travel which could explain why they observe.  Being from the future they know the exact date and time of major natural disasters and could even be a tourist type of event for future civilizations.  I hope disaster has not become a tourist event in the future, rather I hope it is to study the events and maybe prevent them at some point.


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