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Welcome to UFO Tracks, I have been interested in UFO’s since I was a young child due to an encounter my cousin’s had.  My cousins are slightly older than myself so they had their drivers licenses before I did.  One evening they were driving in a remote area of Southeastern Idaho when they were followed by a red glowing object.  They described the object as being very large, glowing radiantly red, and in the shape of a ball or traditional saucer.

The object followed them for miles as they drove before it simply sped off at an incredible speed, faster than anything they had ever seen.  Upon further investigation, it seemed that many people had also encountered this object that very same night around the same time, but many miles away.

This one incident sparked my unending interest in the UFO Phenomenon.  While I did not pursue this passion as a career, I have always made it a primary hobby.  I do my best to keep up on the latest happenings by watching videos, reading articles, and doing my own analysis on new encounters.

I consider myself a skeptic.  I do believe in the existence of alien life in some form, almost undoubtedly self-aware and intelligence.  There is no possible way we are alone in this absolutely massive and ever expanding universe.  I consider myself a skeptic though because I approach each case as though it is fake.  I investigate from that stand-point and if all other explanations fail then, and only then, do I consider it to be a true encounter.

Thank you for stopping by and learning a bit about me.  I hope you enjoy my research and stick around for all future findings.


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