U.S. Coast Guard Investigates Lights

News 8 WROC Rochester is reporting various lights appearing above Lake Ontario and that the Coast Guard is investigating these lights.  For those who did not see the video posted by the news channel you can find it here:

This video appears to show several lights that appeared over Lake Ontario, slowly drop through the sky, and eventually disappear.  What is odd though is that the U.S. Military stated they do not claim the lights and state they did not have flights in that area at that time.  Additionally, Lake Ontario is not generally a place where Military flights or tests occur.

There are some still images that seem to shed some light on the situation though.  The images clearly show a trail from each of these lights that appears to be smoke.  This to me indicates that this could be parachute flares or maybe Chinese lanterns.  The military states they did not have flights in that area, but the Military is not the first source I would trust. Take a look at the still photos and look below for my analysis.

My Analysis:

I do think these are parachute flares being dropped by military craft as a part of a training exercise.  Just because the Military does not come out and tell us they had flights in that area does not mean they did not.  The Military has a history of hiding information from us and this appears to be no exception.


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