Crop Circles

Crop circles have been around much longer than most people realize.  While the term Crop Circle did not exist until the 1980’s the phenomenon has existed since the 1600’s.  In 1678 there was a news pamphlet called “The Mowing-Devil” that had descriptions of crop circles.  Some dispute this being a true crop circle though as the description states the crop was cut rather than folded neatly like we have come to expect today.

In 1932 E C Curwen observed four dark rings in a field around Stoughton Down.  Curwen could only examine one of the circles, but described it as being beaten down with the middle being slightly mounded up.

Later in 1963 Sir Patrick Moore described a crater in a potato field in Wiltshire which was most likely caused by a meteor, however near the impact several circular shapes were found flattened in a wheat field.

More recently there has been a major increase in crop circle activity, some claimed to be fake, while others appear to be legitimate.  Since the year 2000 crop circles have grown to be more elaborate and detailed.  What is interesting is that nearly 10,000 crop circles have been reported internationally in countries ranging from the Soviet Union, UK, U.S., Canada, and more.

What truly interests me though is the fact that some of the crop circles seem to have messages embedded within them in the form of mathematics or binary.  Some even appearing to be a direct response to probes and messages we have sent into space complete with sample DNA and crude pictures.

In all cases, the mathematical prowess needed to create crop circles in incredible and while humans are definitely capable of creating these works of art, not all of them can be explained.  The devil is in the details with some of the more convincing crop circles.  Perfect circles and shapes are difficult to create even with the help of modern GPS systems, but even those are not perfect with even the best only getting down to around a 3 meter detection radius.  Military equipment aside.

Take a look at the images below and keep reading for my analysis.


My Analysis:

I absolutely believe in Crop Circles being created from extra-terrestrial sources.  Not all of them, a small subset of the existing circles, but even 1% being real leaves nearly 100 real crop circles and that is more than enough to prove their existence.

I am always skeptical of crop circles that have language or messages though since they are almost always in a form we can read which indicates limited thinking.  Morse code was created by man and it is highly unlikely that advanced civilizations would choose it as the language of choice for communicating with us.

I used to think that Mathematics would be used because of the constants that are defined, however, as of late, even Mathematics seem to be changing and evolving making it less of a constant.  Sure 1+1=2, but when it comes to a quantum scale we are still learning.  There is no reason to think that an advanced civilization still uses binary or true/false equations to govern their mathematics.

Either way, I do believe some of these cases are legitimate, and that aliens are reaching out to us in forms that are less scary than a handshake.  It’s all about gradually working the human race up to a point where aliens are no longer a threat and misunderstood.


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