The Moon

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Conspiracy

Launched on June 18, 2009 along with the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was the first United States mission tot he moon in over ten years.  The “official” purpose of the LRO was to create a 3D map of the Moon’s surface with 100-meter resolution and 98.2% coverage.  Additionally, to put Moon landing hoax theories to rest they were taking 0.5-meter resolution images on the Apollo landing sites.

So why the conspiracy?  The LRO is not the part of this launch that caused controversy, in fact, it was the LCROSS portion of the mission.  LCROSS was designed to have two impacts into the Moon with hopes of finding water in the Cabeus crater near the Moon’s South pole.  Both impacts happened on schedule on October 9th, 2009 at 11:31 and 11:36 UTC.

On to the conspiracy.  Some believe, with credible evidence, that these impact satellites were actually carrying miniature nuclear warheads with the intent of destroying alien bases on the moon.  People believe this theory because during the mission NASA cut to a picture of a couple of NASA engineer who were intently studying a screen.  Below the left arm of one of the NASA engineers was the picture you see below that clearly shows a structure of sorts in the target area.


This picture clearly shows a square structure of sorts in the exact location the satellites were scheduled to impact later that day.  Obviously this picture was not meant to be seen by the public, or maybe it was.  Either way, it appears to be clear evidence that NASA knew about a structure and wanted to destroy it for whatever reason.

The LRO was a success though and did return quite a few very interesting pictures of the moon.  It did also successfully complete its mission by mapping nearly 98% of the moon before a failure of a Mini-RF instrument caused the LRO to stop communicating with earth in January of 2011.  Attempts have been made to re-establish communication though and the orbiter does continue to provide scientific data.  Take a look at some of the pictures returned by the LRO and stick around for my analysis after.

My Analysis:

I 100% believe that we were attempting to destroy something on the moon with this mission.  The evidence below the arm of the NASA engineer is more than enough evidence to prove this in my opinion.  In previous articles I have discussed various structures that are on the moon and there are only two ways to explain them.  One, they are man-made and we are a lot more advanced than our governments would have us believe.  Two, they are alien and were created long ago or recently by a civilization living on or in the moon.

Either way, it would appear that NASA is actively engaged in a war with the owners of the structures as well as actively trying to cover it up.  The amount of evidence and cases like this one help solidify my stance on this topic.  I will be posting more of these cases in the future so stay tuned.


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