UFO During Texas Thunderstorm

A video came to my attention today that is very interesting if it turns out to be true.  The video shows a dark, triangle shaped, object hovering in a thunderstorm in Texas.  Each time lightning strikes the object is illuminated and the outline becomes very obvious.  Later in the video, around 1:35 a ball of light seems to be shot towards the object.  Just before this though the object seems to move through the clouds and exit out the left hand side of the screen.  For those who have not seen the video, continue reading to view it.  It has been embedded inside this post.

My Analysis:

The shadowing object is difficult to discern, but does appear to be energized by the lightning or at the very least, illuminated.  There have been quite a few cases in the past where craft are only seen due to lightning.  This seems to be a limitation in their cloaking abilities, it does not adjust to rapid changes in light very quickly.

This can also offer us a hint though.  The U.S. Military has been working on stealth technology like this as well.  The attempts are rather primitive, however they take an array of cameras and display the images onto a screen of sorts.  This means from any angle you view the ship, you are actually seeing a slightly delayed image from behind the craft.

I highly doubt that advanced civilizations are limited by this technology, although it does not eliminate the possibility.  Additionally, the object that is fired at the object could be explained as ball lightning.  It does seem to head directly towards the last known location of the craft though which is odd, although there is a tower in the left hand corner that could have attracted the lightning.

Lastly, there has been quite a bit of editing done to this video as you can clearly see throughout the video.  The watermark in the bottom right is a clue as well.  As much as I want to believe this one, I think it may be some crafty editing or may have another explanation.

The only reason I think this may be real is because the craft does appear in high contrast and it does seem to attempt to avoid the incoming threat of the weapon/lightning.  Either way there do not seem to be any frame by frame issues that we normally see with an edited video.  The object seems to be in every frame and there do not seem to be any obvious issues.  Very interesting regardless of whether it is real or faked.


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