SpaceX UFO Sighting June 3rd, 2017

In a recent Falcon 9 launch, CRS-11, by SpaceX there was an anomaly detected as the first stage began its descent into the atmosphere and was close to its final landing burn.  The object appears to be very rough around the edges and very small, although it does appear to be stationary or travelling upwards as the booster passes by.

For those of you who would like to see the footage captured during the SpaceX live stream it has been embedded below.  This is a small snippet from the entire stream and was posted by a channel called “What do you meme?”.  We will discuss this later.  For now, take a look at the video and keep reading for my analysis.

My Analysis:

First, this object catches the attention of the broadcaster, you hear her stumble for a second with an audible ohhhh before she continues with her commentary.  This is how I know this footage has not been faked or edited after the fact.  Additionally, it does show in the SpaceX footage as well.

Secondly, this object is very small and appears to be tumbling or rotating as it passes the booster.  look at the image below for a good view of the object, the best I have been able to capture.


My first though was this was a drone that was in place by SpaceX to monitor the landing stage, but then I noticed that the altitude at this time was 58.1km or 36 miles above the earth.  No drone, that I am aware of, can fly at this altitude.

My second thought was a bird or other living airborne animal, however the altitude also helps discredit this.  The highest flying birds we know of are measured in feet or meters, not miles.  The highest being around 37,000 feet or just over 7 miles.

For now, I will call this a UFO, simply because it cannot be identified, however I highly doubt this is related to alien activity.  The craft is far too small and does not appear to be under the control of any living entity.

However you look at it though, this is very strange.


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