Chicago O’Hare 2006 Sighting

The Chicago O’Hare airport sighting is one of my favorite sightings and to me, some of the strongest evidence to support UFO and alien activity.  To give some background the Chicago O’Hare sighting was witnessed by dozens of people including pilots, United Airlines staff, airport operations officers, mechanics and more in and around the airport on November 7th, 2006.

The first reports of the UFO were broadcast over the United Airlines radio frequencies used to monitor operations at the airport.  Initially the object was reported to be hovering over Concourse C which is a United terminal.  The object, still unknown to this day, was initially thought to be a weather balloon, however that was quickly dismissed by all who saw it.  Remember, these are people who work around aircraft day in and day out.  They know what weather balloons look like and behave, and this was definitely not a weather balloon.

The UFO Hunters on the History channel did an episode related to this sighting and it seems to be a rather accurate account.  For your convenience I have embedded a short snippet from that episode below.

This story was picked up by nearly every major news agency, local and nationwide including CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, The Chicago Tribune, and NPR.  Images exist from the incident as well which are embedded below.

When the object had stayed long enough witnesses say it ascended straight up through the cloud cover, estimated to start at 1900 feet and stop around 10,000 feet that day.  As the object ascended, within seconds, it left a whole in the cloud cover that was nearly 8,000 feet tall and lasted for several minutes.

The object is clearly a disc shaped object and appears to be metallic in nature and was initially dismissed by United Airlines.  It was not until several employees and radio logs were analyzed that the company finally acknowledged the incident and attempted to explain it.

Additionally, the FAA admitted that they did receive a call from a concerned United employee asking about the “elliptical saucer shaped craft” that was hovering over Concourse C at the time.  This was initially dismissed as a joke by the FAA as they asked the employee to repeat themselves and then joked about it with one another for a minute or so before the employee strongly urged the FAA to look for themselves.

One United mechanic stated “I tend to be scientific by nature, and I don’t understand why aliens would hover over a busy airport, but I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an aircraft”.

My Analysis:

I 100% believe this was an alien piloted UFO that was seen by these United employees.  I wanted to quote the mechanic as well because his question is a valid one.  Why would an alien race hover over a very busy airport for minutes in board daylight?  If you subscribe to my theory that aliens may be us from the future it makes a lot of sense.  In the future, airlines do not exist, at least not the way we think of them now.

We may have craft capable of faster than light travel, but I believe we develop some sort of transportation technology that makes airlines obsolete.  With that said, it makes sense that if you can time-travel that you would take a “field trip” of sorts into the past to observe and help with research.

Just as we study our ancient history, we have to assume our ancestors will as well.  Instead of digging in the dirt and looking for traces of our civilization, they simply dial in a date/time and push a few buttons.

Regardless of whether you buy into my theory, something obviously visited Chicago O’Hare airport on November 7th, 2006.

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