The Phoenix Lights

Following up on the Chicago O’Hare sighting that I posted about yesterday, I wanted to follow up with a sighting that was seen by thousands, ruined politicians careers, lasted nearly three hours, and spanned nearly 300 miles.  The craft which everyone claims to have seen on March 13th, 1997 was described as a massive V-shaped craft with six lights on its outer edges.  Most witnesses say the craft had no sound associated with it, although some state it sounded like a “rushing wind”.

The first report of the craft was around 7:55pm MST above Henderson, Nevada.  It was described by the first witness as nearly the size of a 747 and sounded like a rushing wind.  Approximately one hour and fifteen minutes later, 9:15pm MST, a police officer near Paulden Arizona claims to have seen the craft as he was driving North.  The officer states he saw a cluster of orange/red lights in the sky.  Four lights were together with a fifth light trailing them at an unknown distance.

Prior to the officers sighting calls began coming into the Prescott and Prescott Valley 911 operations with the first being around 8:17pm MST.  All of the reports indicate that it was in fact a V-shaped craft with lights in a triangular pattern and it was most definitely solid and not a cloud or other weather phenomenon.

As the craft continued moving towards Phoenix a witness and his family, Tim, Bobbi, Hal Ley and their grandson Damien Turnidge, had seen the lights while they were above the Prescott Valley and watched them over the span of approximately ten minutes as they moved towards them.  As the lights grew closer they were able to clearly make out a V-shape and what they describe as a 60-degree carpenter’s square of five lights around the shape of the craft.

The Ley’s state there was no sound associated with the craft, but that it traveled down the street they lived on about 100-150 feet above them.  The craft moved so slowly that at times it appeared to just hover above them.  Eventually the craft made its way towards Piestewa Peak and towards Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  At this point witnesses in Glendale began seeing the object at an altitude just high enough to become obscured by a thin layer of clouds present that night.  The last know sighting was around 10:30pm CST.

Not many pictures exist of the craft, if any, while it was travelling over the Prescott Valley, however once it made itself visible over Phoenix several news channels began covering the story.  Unfortunately, this was in 1997 so the cameras of the day were not nearly as powerful as they are today, however good evidence was still capture by witnesses and news agencies.

The Local CBS News Channel 5 has a nice video on Youtube that is embedded below that covers the event, shows some footage, and talks to witnesses 17 years after the event.  Watch it below if you are interested. I have also posted several images that capture the lights.  It is difficult to discern what is legitimate and not anymore due to the large amount photoshopped photos, however I believe these images are legitimate.

On a side note, there does appear to be a patent that was filed on a very similar craft back in 2004 with a publication date of 2006, although it was not discovered until earlier this year.  The invention is a spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner.  The charges create a horizontal electric field that, together with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force that creates lift.  You can read all about it here:




My Analysis:

Initially the military did not claim these lights, later they came back and said they did claim the lights and that they were flares put off by an A-10 Warthog during a routine training exercise.

We know the government would never tell us the truth and the fact that they attempted to cover this up as flares only leads me to believe that this was not an A-10 Warthog training exercise.

With so many witnesses spread out across such a massive geographical area I have to believe this is one of those rare legitimate sightings.

The fact that John St. Clair has a patent on a ship that is almost identical to this just seems to help convince me that this was a legitimate UFO sighting.  The application date was not until 2004 and if a working model of this existed in 1997 we would have most definitely seen this technology patented long before 2004.  On this same topic, I am not sure anyone has confirmed the math that exists in this patent.  I am reaching out to various mathematicians to see if they can help out in this regard.

This to me though is just another poor attempt by our government to keep us in the dark about what is really happening in our skies and in our world.  These were not flares dropped by an A-10 Warthog and this sighting was not the result of mass delusions.  I think this is amazing evidence to support the fact that we are not alone in this world!


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