Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Propulsion

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is quite the mouthful, but seems to be one of the latest forms of propulsion and may help explain a huge variety of UFO sightings.  MHD relies on magnetic properties of electrically conducting fluids to provide lift and thrust.  Some common fluids used are plasma, liquid metal, salt water, and electrolytes.

The basic idea behind MHD is that a magnetic field can be produced by inducing current into moving conductive fluid.  This idea is not new though, it was experimented on by the Nazi’s during WWII and has even been credited with potential time-travel effects.  Some claim that the Nazi bell was more than anti-gravity and that it disappeared from a testing platform in Germany and reappeared out of space and time in Rendlesham forest.  There are similarities between the two craft, but that is another article.

According to some reports, the Nazi government was experimenting with electro-magnetic propulsion using Mercury being spun at high velocity with an electric current being introduced.  This sounds very familiar to MHD if you look at the definitions.

The reason I bring up MHD is because it has the potential to explain several of the sightings that are reported each year.  MHD does not produce sound, has the ability to life very large objects in a variety of shapes, and is and has most likely been undergoing development by governments around the world for many years.

Additionally, there was a patent filed by John St. Clair that details craft using this technology, or very similar technology.  This patent was filed back in 2004 and could have been undergoing development long before.  You can view the patent here:

Lastly, this technology could allow very large craft to maneuver it non-traditional ways.  We expect aircraft to move forward, hover, and generally travel in straight lines, however with this technology ships could make very crisp direction changes that would seem foreign to us.

My Analysis:

I am not saying that this technology accounts for all sightings, however it can explain several of them.  The TR-3B seems most fitting to have this type of technology on-board.  It could explain the Phoenix Lights and some other very popular sightings.  If this was the craft seen over Phoenix then it was a sloppy mistake by our government, or was it?

Ultimately, I consider myself to be a skeptic of most sightings.  I believe that less than 10% are actual sightings that cannot be explained.  I do believe in UFO’s and aliens piloting them, but I do want to ensure we properly document the legitimate sightings and do not jump to conclusions because of something we do not understand or believe to be true.


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