Do We Live in a Multi-verse?

NBC news published an article today discussing a Cosmic “Bruise” that could be evidence to support the theory that we live in a Multi-verse.  This topic has always been of great interest to me so I figure this is a good opportunity to explore it in further detail.

In short, the theory of multiple universes is a theory that states we live in a universe that co-exists with other universes.  An infinite number of universes to be exact.  The theory is not a fringe theory either, it has the support of scientists and mathematicians across the globe.

In a recent study submitted to “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” by Rauri Mackenzie (and team), graduate students at the University of Durham in England, helps support the theory even further.  Mackenzie took a look at the “cold spots” found in The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) snapshot.  An image from the paper is below to illustrate what this image looks like.  The yellow and red spots are hotter areas in our sky, while the dark blue areas are colder.


What Mackenzie and his colleagues are attempting to determine is why there are very large patches of very cold sky instead of the universes heat, as expected, being evenly distributed.  The early idea, based on The Big Ban Theory, suggested that background radiation should be evenly distributed across the galaxy, and for the most part it is with these few exceptions.

What Mackenzie and his colleagues are suggesting is that these dark cold patches of background radiation are the result of collisions with other universes.  The best analogy I have heard is a room filled with balloons all floating around and occasionally bumping into one another.  Mackenzie suggests that when we collide with another universe these cold patches are created as a result of the collision.

So far, this is theory only and has no substantial proof to support these claims.  The team does anticipate further study into the areas and in time hope to provide more evidence to support their claims.

Other theories suggest that the cold spots are actually due to how we measured the background radiation to begin with.  Since the radiation is travelling billions of years, 13.8 billion to be exact, to reach us, it is possible that these cold areas are simply because of the materials the radiation has traveled through to reach us.

My Analysis:

I’m not sure I by into The Big Bang Theory at all.  It makes a lot of assumptions, many of which cannot be explained.  The universe, while complex, usually takes a very simple approach to creation.  Things smash into one another and break down into smaller particles and so on and so forth.  I have a hard time comprehending that we just popped into existence from nothing.  Something had to have been the catalyst, or we are reaching.

Another theory, that I tend to favor, is that we are nothing more than a hologram or video game.  If the theory of The Big Bang is true, wouldn’t that match almost identically to how we scale our own video games.  Take World of Warcraft for example.  It started with just a few servers and a few realms.  As the game became more popular more realms “popped” into existence.

Imagine our characters trying to figure out how they came to be.  It would appear to them that the world must have just popped into existence one day and they were created over time.  Obviously, we start out as babies while our characters start fully grown, but that’s just a starting point.


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