P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle

The Lockheed Martin P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle is a combination of a traditional blimp, hover ship, and airplane all combined into one relatively sleek and sophisticated shell.  Lockheed Martin touts the P-791 as a way to revolutionize the world of intelligence gathering, logistical delivery, and long-range commercial cargo delivery.

The P-791 is not new, in fact, its first flight was on January 31st, 2006 from the flight test facility on the Palmdale Air Force Plant 42.  It has a unique tri-hull shape with disk shaped cushions on the bottom that are used for directional control, landing, and take-off tasks.  The craft uses light weight gases to create lift along with the disk shaped cushions described above.


So why are we talking about this craft?  While the craft is not new, it does remind us that the things we see in the sky are not always what they appear.  In the course of my UFO career I have found that many sightings turn out to be man-made terrestrial objects that are either misunderstood or misidentified by the observer.  The Lockheed Martin P-791 is not easily recognized by the general public which can result in confusion and the spread of inaccurate information.

Additionally, it has been well documented that the technology being released today is approximately fifty years behind what is actually being developed and worked on by these agencies and organizations.  If we have craft like the P-791 or the TR-3B that are starting to become publicized, imagine what is in our skies that we are unaware of.

My Analysis:

No, this was not a traditional article from me, but I feel it is important to know the craft that are under development by various organizations so we can reduce the amount of misidentified craft that are reported.  UFO researchers like myself are few and far between so the more we can make the general public aware of craft like this means the more time we can spend investigating the truly unexplained objects.

Do not mistake me, anything that is odd in the skies deserves its moment in the spotlight, but not everything we see is attributed to aliens or UFO’s as we would want them to be.


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