Mexico Eclipse Sighting 1991

On July 11th, 1991, citizens of Mexico City all turned their gaze to the heavens for an irregular solar eclipse because it was one of the longest solar eclipses in history, lasting over six minutes.  As the citizens turned their gaze upwards millions were astonished to find a metallic object hovering in the sky before, during, and after the solar eclipse had finished.

Approximately one week after the solar eclipse, Guillermo Arragin showed his footage to James Maussan, a journalist, who aired the footage on a TV show.  Throughout the show, thousands of people called in claiming to have seen the object from various perspectives and distances.  Many of whom had video evidence of their own.

Most state that the object was metallic looking and appeared to be a disc with a bulge on top.  All footage I have found of the object is very shaky as the cameras of the time were all hand held and still using traditional VHS tape.

Some argue that there is no true evidence that this was in fact a metallic craft.  They state that it could be made of anything ranging from wood to paper to plastic.  Others claim that this was nothing more than the planet Venus or possibly a star from Orion’s belt.  Based on the footage I have seen I rule out the fact that this was a star or planet being seen by millions of people.

The Mexican and American governments do not take claim of the craft and both state that they had nothing in the air at the time of the solar eclipse.  The fact that our military states they did not have a craft in the skies is not very reliable though as we know governments are attempting to hide this type of activity from the public eye.

My Analysis:

We know for a fact, something was in the sky this day.  It was not a star and it was not a planet.  Despite some trying to convince the public that this was not a metallic craft is also questionable.  There are videos from various angles that clearly show reflections which to me rules out wood or paper.  Plastic is an option as well as something metallic.

One of the main reasons I believe this to be a true sighting is because of how the craft simply disappeared shortly after the solar eclipse.  Witness report seeing the craft for several minutes after the event and that it simply disappeared.  It was not pulled down by a team of men and did not float away, it simply vanished.

Lastly, with no agency or persons taking responsibility for the craft and so many video angles of it.  This has to be classified as a UFO.  Whether or not it was piloted by alien beings cannot be answered, but we are definitely looking at something that is unidentified and will most likely remain unidentified.


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