The Belgian UFO Wave of 1989

The Belgian UFO wave started in November of 1989 and continued into April of 1990.  Throughout this period a large number of high quality sightings occurred with a large amount of quality witnesses including police officers, Air Force officers, and civilians.  The first sighting was on November 29th, 1989 with thirty different groups of witnesses and three separate groups of police officers.  All of the reports were of a very large and low flying triangular shaped object with lights underneath and had no sounds associated with it.

The object was sighted near the town of Liege and tracked as it moved towards the border of the Netherlands and Germany.  These types of sightings continued off and on week over week with little variation.  On occasion witnesses reported two F-16’s chasing the object, however they never seemed to catch the object or engage with it.  On one occasion a NATO manned radar station near the city of Glons was able to lock onto the object but would not respond to communication attempts nor did the object have a transponder signal.

On one occasion the U.S. Military dispatched two F-16 fighters to intercept the object.  Upon arrival the F-16’s were able to establish a radar lock for a brief moment.  The object appeared to be diamond shaped, however only appeared for a few seconds before the object quickly escaped the range of the fighters radar.  The F-16’s did chase the object for nearly an hour and was able to lock on with radar two more times, however each time the object quickly escaped out of their radar range.

After the chase the pilots of the F-16’s explained that he object dropped from an altitude of 10,000 feet to 500 feet in 5 seconds.  They also explained that the object had amazing speed and maneuverability that was far beyond the capabilities of the F-16’s the pilots flew.

On April 4th, 1990 a photograph was taken by Patrick M., shown below, that he later claimed was a hoax.  Other photographs were taken of the objects which are nearly identical to this photograph.  None of them have any landmarks included to help identify the size of the craft, although witnesses state it was massive.


My Analysis:

This wave of sightings has over 1,000 witnesses, confirmed radar sightings, military confirmations, F-16 radar locks, and photos of the object(s).  I believe this is more than enough evidence to confirm the existence of at least one object in the sky during this time period.

Knowing what we know now regarding the TR-3B and Recent Patent it is possible that we were seeing early prototypes of this object.  This seems to be a bit earlier than expected when compared to other triangular craft like this, although who knows how far back craft like this have been in development.  I tend to think it started around 1995 with testing around 1997, although I could be wrong.

Ultimately, this object is to this day unidentified with no military power or government taking credit for it.  I tend to think that craft like this are in fact piloted by alien civilizations as well.  I also believe that the patent referenced above is a decoy to continue to help the governments of the world hide E.T. activity.


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