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Crop Circle Response 2001

In 1974 Carl Sagan sent a message into space in the form of radio waves beamed into space.  It was the most powerful broadcast ever deliberately beamed into space and was directed at a star cluster nearly 25,000 light years away.  The message consisted of a picture depicting our planets location in our solar system, our mathematical system, a simple shape of our body, an example of our DNA double helix structure, and a crude drawing of how we broadcast the message.

In 2001 a crop circle appeared in a field next to Britain’s largest telescope Chilbolton.  The facility is also home to the worlds largest fully steerable meteorological radar.  The response, which is in the same format as we we sent has many interesting aspects that we will cover one by one.

The best analysis I have found was from a website called eBubble where they had the following image comparing the images side by side (below) where you can see the image we sent on the left, compared to the crop circle image on the right.  There are quite a few small and subtle differences between the two if studied closely.


Starting from the bottom and moving upwards, we see the first major differences are the types of transmitters used.  We use a dish to transmit radio waves, although the respondents use another type of transmitter.  What is interesting to note however is that this transmitter appeared in the same field a year prior.  It was much larger in scale and much more detailed.

Continuing from the bottom up the next series is a representation of the solar systems.  You will notice a major difference from their system to ours.  Their sun appears to be smaller with smaller planets orbiting and you will notice that there are three planets that are populated instead of a single planet in our system.

Moving up there are changes to the right of the figure indicating a change in population size.  This is a binary grid of 0’s and 1’s that once decoded represent the estimated population of the civilization.

The figure in the middle appears to be a grey.  Small and short bodies with a large head and eyes.  This is typically what we consider to be a grey alien.  The left of the figure is the average height of the average being represented by the figure in the middle.

The next element is where things start to get a little more interesting.  We represented our DNA and nucleotide’s and they did the same.  They have a small change in the number of nucleotide’s as well as an additional strand of DNA.  They are similar, although vastly different.  I am definitely not a biological expert, but I would like to find someone who could determine if this is a feasible structure that could support life.

What I remember of my high school biology classes is that DNA is a very fragile structure and even a tiny change can have wide spread effects.  The differences between our DNA and theirs are obvious and if this is an true crop circle it could help us understand how life evolves on other planets.  It could also help us widen our search for life.

Progressing up the next group of items is the formulas for sugar and nucleotide bases in DNA.  These two areas are nearly identical and have very little to observe other than we know the bases of our DNA are nearly identical.  The structure is what differs.

As we reach the next to the last from the bottom up we listed the series of Atomic Numbers for life as we know it (Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus).  The only difference is that the response also adds silicone.  This indicates that their body structure contains a large amount of silicone in addition to the elements we consist of.  This may explain the great differences in the DNA structure.

The top most of the message is our core mathematics.  In our case we sent the decimals 1 – 10 and the response matched exactly.  This is substantial because it does mean that our method of counting and mathematics do seem to be on the right track.  Had this section differed greatly it could have indicated that our method of mathematics was not accurate.

Below are as many pictures as I could find of the original crop circle and self portrait that seem to have been associated with the response.  Continue reading after for my analysis.


My Analysis:

This is a very elaborate response, whether valid or a hoax.  Someone or something definitely spent a great amount of time planning the response.  I tend to believe that this is one of the legitimate crop circles that exist, although I cannot fully commit to that stance due to the lack of evidence.

I tend to believe it to be a legitimate circle because of the location where it was placed as well as the fact that both images appeared overnight in the field.  This is simply too much work to have been done by a small team of people.  A large team would have been noticed, in my opinion.

Many believe this to be an elaborate hoax, and it may be, but every part of me wants to believe this is legitimate, although that may be clouding my judgement.



In 1974 Carl Sagan Sent This Message Into Space: In 2001 We Received This Response. (2016, June 27). Retrieved June 27, 2017, from


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