Cattle Mutilations

By definition a Cattle Mutilation is exactly what it sounds to be.  It is an instance where a domesticated farm animal has been mutilated with extreme precision.  When people think of mutilations they generally think of cows, however it is not isolated to them.  Cattle mutilations go all the way back to 1897 when Alexander Hamilton was awakened at night by a loud humming noise coming from his cattle yard.  Accompanied by two other men they went to investigate the noise and were startled to see a cigar-shaped craft nearly 300 feet long.

Hamilton explained later that the craft was made of glass or some other transparent material.  He was clearly able to make out at least six strange beings in the craft who appeared to be talking to one another.  After a few moments the craft hovered above a two year old cow, appeared to attach something around its neck, and then began moving away.  The cow became tangled in a fence which caused the craft to pause.  As the men approached the cow and craft they found that it had a red cable wrapped around its neck in a slip knot.  They were forced to cut the wire of the fence to free the cow.  As they freed the cow, it was ultimately taken by the craft.  The next morning, a neighbor found parts of the cow, the hide, legs, and head, nearly four miles away in his field.

This case, while a bit atypical, does share a lot of similarities with modern day occurrences.  In all cases the cattle are a complete loss in the fact that they are found dead.  Additionally they all have seemingly been undergone a surgical process to remove various organs and tissues.  Most commonly cut at the jaw with their tongues removed.  Sex organs, navel, and nipples nearly always removed along with the anus.

In most “legitimate” cases there are no footprints found even in soft ground and there is never any signs of blood or a struggle.  It appears that the cattle are simply deposited on the ground once the operation has completed.  Many times they are found inside of nearly perfect circles on the ground as well indicating that some sort of craft was involved.

Various investigations have been done in regards to this phenomenon and it has been found that the cuts and incisions found must cauterize immediately indicating great heat being used.  Additionally, the cuts are so precise that many surgeons stated they would be unable to replicate the procedure in perfect environments.

Lastly, in nearly every instance there are never any flies, maggots, or signs of predators in the area.  This indicates that the body either is not decomposing or that the insects can detect that the body is not suitable food.  I found several instances where the bodies did have higher than normal radioactive emissions, however that does not seem to be consistent across cases.

Skeptics agree that the animal underwent great trauma, however they claim that the causes are more terrestrial in nature.  They claim human intervention, natural causes, predators, and even government conspiracies involving the FBI, CDC, and other agencies.  All of these theories fail to account for all of the evidence though.  Predators do not leave perfect incisions that are cauterized immediately, nor do they simply remove certain organs while leaving others untouched.

My Analysis:

I truly believe that cattle mutilations are excellent evidence of alien activity.  In 1897 cigar shaped craft simply did not exist, nor did the surgical expertise needed to conduct these mutilations.

I do admit that it could be humans doing this though.  While this cannot explain all mutilations, I have no doubt that humans are behind some of them.  In my opinion, if you cannot account for 100% of the cases in a satisfactory manor, then they are a legitimate event.

Generally speaking though, mutilations done by humans are easily detected.  The cuts are not nearly as precise, tracks are found, blood is found, as well as other elements that clearly indict humans.  Ultimately, this topic deserves a lot more of my attention.  I will be studying specific cases in the future and bringing those to you as well.


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