UFOs Merge Over Idaho Town

Considering I was born and raised in Idaho, I like to keep tabs on strange events that happen around my hometown.  This sighting as reported by MUFON was of particular interest because it is similar to other sightings that are near and dear to my heart.  This event occurred on May 23rd, 2017 and involves a single witness who reports seeing three rectangular bars of light that seemed composed of orbs that are orange-red in color.

According to the witness the three rectangles were moving along in a smooth fashion along the horizon, just above the mountains.  Since the sighting occurred around 10:15pm MST this would have been well after the sun had set so they would be easy to view on the horizon.

As the witness watched the three objects the lights on the left and right joined the center light to form one larger object.  Once they merged into one object/light they simply blinked out of view and were no longer visible for the remainder of the night.


This sighting took place near a city of Buhl with a population of around 4,000 people in the county of Twin Falls.  Interestingly enough the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is located less than a hundred miles away.  INL is one of the national laboratories of the US Department of Energy and is managed by the Battelle Energy Alliance.

I mention INL because growing up in this area INL was constantly shrouded in secrecy.  Black unmarked helicopters, strange people, and government employees were constantly associated with the lab.  Some reports I remember from my childhood include black unmarked helicopters flying into large openings in the side of a mountain that closed behind them without a trace.

My Analysis:

While there is not a lot of evidence to support this sighting, it does hold true to other sightings from that area.  MUFON did conduct an investigation into the sighting and concluded that it was a truly unknown series of objects, however they admit there was little evidence to support the sighting.

Ultimately, I think that INL or other aircraft could have been the culprit here.  Considering that this sight occurred at night means that there was no clear view of the objects so they could be nearly anything.  The fact that they seemed to merge into one object could be an optical illusion as well.  The viewing angle of the objects could have changed so instead of viewing the objects side on, they lined up in a line that was straight away from the viewer.  This would give the appearance that they merged, but in reality could have just formed up in a different formation.

I want to believe this to be a sighting, but there is simply not enough evidence to say it was truly a legitimate sighting and not something more terrestrial.


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