Alien Encounter at Crop Circle

An off duty police officer contacted British UFO experts after an encounter where he claims to have seen three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshirt.  The police officer, a sergeant who wishes to remain nameless, saw the three figures standing in a field near Silbury Hill and stopped to investigate.  As he approached the beings he heard “the sound of static electricity” and the beings ran away “faster than any man he had ever seen.”

After the encounter the sergeant contacted British UFO and paranormal experts and told them about the encounter.  The experts reached out to the Wiltshire police department, however the department refused to comment on the incident due to it being a “personal matter” for the officer involved.  This is to be expected though as the officer did not file a police report and other than being employed by the department, it does not involve them at all.


The officer, in a later interview, stated that he thought the three beings were forensic officers since they were all dressed in white coveralls.  He describes the beings as being over six feet tall with blond hair and that they seemed to be inspecting the crop.  As he began to approach the beings he heard the sound of static electricity.  He further describes the sound as a crackling noise that seemed to be running through the field.

As he further approached the beings he shouted in an attempt to gain their attention.  Initially the beings ignored him without even glancing in his direction.  As he continued to draw closer his shouts were noticed by the beings.  At this point they began “running” away faster than any man he had ever seen.  He looked away for a second and upon returning his gaze to their last known location they were simply gone.

Experts who interview the sergeant stated they are convinced he is telling the truth and that he did encounter something that afternoon.  Unfortunately, with the limited evidence available the case was closed as an unknown encounter.

My Analysis:

I do believe that the police officer encountered something in this field, however I have my doubts that they were aliens.  The officers description of the beings makes them more man-like than alien.  Tall, blond hair, wearing white coveralls does not seem to match any previous alien reports.

Additionally, the police officer reports that the beings ran away at great speed, however there is little to measure this against.  The officer does state that he “is no slouch” but that is not a fair benchmark to determine how fast these beings were travelling.

Lastly, in a field, it is very easy to hide and elude.  Fields are generally very tall, tall enough to hide in, and it would have been easy for a tall man to evade detection by crouching or crawling through the field.

Ultimately, there is a lack of evidence to determine the outcome of this investigation either way, but I tend to lean towards this being a human encounter rather than alien.

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