Triangle UFO in Ohio – 5-16-2017

In Batavia, a small Ohio village of approximately 1500 people, a triangular shaped craft was spotted around 9:45 pm on May 16th, 2017.  The witness described the craft as triangular shaped with three lights at its points moving directly overhead.  He stated that it did not have any flashing lights like a traditional airplane, nor did it make any sound at all.

The witness goes on to state that it was a nearly perfect night where he could see many stars in the sky.  The object, when it appeared, seemed to be several thousand feet up in the sky, however there is no frame of reference given so this could be inaccurate.  The object progressed at a rapid rate towards the Southwest where he was able to view it until the object moved out of sight.

As he continued to watch the craft move away he noticed that there were some blinking lights within a short distance of the object indicating civilian or military aircraft, however he could not determine if they were tracking the object.  The witness does state that there is an airport near them so they see blinking lights in the sky nearly every time they are outside.  In further research there are actually seven airports located within a few hundred miles of Batavia.  Cincinnati having two of the larger airports with Lunken Field and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky nearby.

The witness did state that the object appeared to be moving very fast in the sky as it traveled a significant portion of sky before he lost track of it.  Again this could be an illusion as the altitude could not be truly defined.  Below is an image that the witness put together to help illustrate what he saw and how it traveled through the night sky.


My Analysis:

I believe that we have triangular shaped craft in our skies now and that they may actually be related to our military.  With recent patents and the large amount of sightings involving large triangular shaped craft that do not make a sound I believe this may be what the witness saw this night.

I do believe that he did see something though, whether it was alien or terrestrial cannot be determined.  One thing that did stand out to me was the witness at one point though it might be a satellite, however earlier stated that it was only a few thousand feet in the air.  This leaves a HUGE amount of error.  It could be a very large craft very far away, or a very small craft very close.

It does also leave room for it to be a satellite or series of satellites simply travelling across the night sky.  I did attempt to locate any known satellites that may have been travelling above the witnesses house this night, however was not able to find a pairing like he states he saw.  It would explain the lack of sound though as the satellites would not be close enough to make sound, even if they could.


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