Triangle UFO Follows Witness – 5-25-2017

On May 25th, 2017 a witness near a town called Sunnyside in Washington state reported that a triangular shaped object followed his vehicle along a rural road.  The sighting occurred around 10:50 pm as the witness was returning home after a long day of work.  The witness regularly takes the back roads home, this evening Factory Road, when he noticed an orange light near two red lights in a triangular pattern above him, but in the distance.

The witness states that the orange light was blinking but the two red lights were constant.  For an unknown reason the witness immediately thought the object was a Chinook helicopter, however realized that it was travelling faster than a helicopter could and lacked the traditional sound a helicopter makes.  In fact, it had no sound at all, according to the witness.

The witness was travelling around 50 miles per hour when he first spotted the object, however his pace slowed as he did not want to approach the object if he could avoid it.  At one point an oncoming car passed the witness only to do a U-turn and drive back towards the object.

It was at this point the witness decided to stop in the middle of the road and just watch the object.  As he watched the object his back was facing East while the object continued along its path towards the South.  After a few moments, it appeared that the object began moving West which is when the witness reached for his cell phone so he could record the event.

As the witness began to record he noticed a white light, that he describes as looking like a bright star, that began to approach the triangular shaped object.  The white light seemed to be able to stop and start as well as make 90 degree turns with ease.  He mentions that the object made several 90 degree turns changing direction from West to South and back to the Northwest.

As the white light began to come closer the witness became afraid upon the realization that they were not making any sounds and they could not be traditional military or civilian craft.  He threw his phone in the passengers seat and began speeding down Factory Road, at times reaching speeds faster than 95 miles per hour.

As he sped down the road he was close enough to describe the object in more detail.  It was a grey triangle with three orange lights on its corners with one red light in the middle.  Towards the back of the craft, near the orange lights were two green lights.  The witness was now beginning to approach Sunnyside where he began to feel safe until he realized the object had followed him into town.

He turned left onto Handford Road where he later turned left again and stopped near a car dealership to see if he could see the object.  He was able to locate it once again although the lights had changed back to the original configuration of one blinking orange light with two red constant lights.

The witness jumped back into his vehicle and continued home.  Upon arriving at his residence he realized that the craft had continued to follow him over the nearly six miles that he had driven from the car dealership.  He had thoughts of following the object as it moved away from his location, however was afraid and chose not to.

Once safe in his home he reviewed the video footage only to find the object did not show in his recording.  He believes because it was too dark outside and the camera could not make out the object through the darkness.  He also stated that the recording was far shorter than what he anticipated indicating that the camera had paused without intervention.  Below is a sketch that the witness drew to show what he saw in the night sky.


My Analysis:

The MUFON investigator who investigated this case believes the witness and classified him as credible.  The investigator also classified this as a true UAV as it could not be explained.

Whenever I hear about triangular shaped craft with lights I immediately refer back to the recently uncovered patents that may explain many of these sightings.  I find it hard to believe that an alien craft would have lights that would expose their presence.  Now some of the lights may be required to produce thrust for their craft, however many cases, including this one, indicate other lights that do not coincide with thrust locations.

If an alien craft were here they would have no need or desire for additional running lights to help other craft identify them.  I believe that we will start to see more and more of these triangular shaped craft appear as the technology is introduced into the public realm.

I believe the witness did see something in the sky this evening, however I believe it to be a terrestrial object that is a part of the U.S. Military arsenal.


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