Valentich Disappearance – 1978

On October 21st, 1978 Frederick Valentich was piloting his Cessna 182 over the Bass Strait in Australia when he contacted air traffic control stating that he was being harassed by an aircraft 1,000 feet above him.  He stated the craft looked unusual and that it was able to make abrupt changes in direction as well as hover with ease.  At 7:12 pm, after several minutes of this harassment, all contact was lost with Valentich.

The aircraft no Valentich were every recovered although some debris was recovered nearly five years later that seemed to partially match serial numbers of the plane.  Throughout the experience Valentich reported that the craft would climb above him and then speed towards him, coming within just a few feet of his airplane.


Air traffic controllers explained in later interviews that Valentich seemed to be truly distressed and they believed his report of another craft.  Radar could not confirm the existence of another craft anywhere in the area of Valentich’s aircraft.

Valentich was a relatively experienced pilot with a Class Four instrument rating and 150 hours of flight experience.  His flight plan this day was from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne to King Island in the Bass Strait via Cape Otway.  He was scheduled to pick up some passengers and then return to Moorabbin.  It was later determined that he was not scheduled to pick up any passengers at all, he had told his family he was picking up crayfish.  The investigation revealed that he was not picking up crayfish either as they were not available at the time.

Valentich described the craft as long but was travelling too fast for him to describe in more detail.  He also stated that it had a shiny metal surface with a single green light.  As Valentich reported the contact with the unknown craft his aircraft began experiencing mechanical issues in the form of engine failure.  Even considering the engine trouble Valentich insisted on continuing to King Island.

Throughout the encounter the object appeared and disappeared several times.  Just before contact was lost Valentich stated he regained contact with the object and that it was not an aircraft.  A few seconds later metallic scraping sounds were heard over the radio and all contact was lost.

Over the next seven days there was an exhaustive search and rescue operation that continued until the 25th of October, 1978.  During the search, an oil slick was found, however it was determined that it was not related to the Valentich aircraft as it was not aviation fuel or oil.  No trace of the craft was found until five years later when partial matches were made to debris found in the strait.

Oddly, there was a photographer taking pictures shortly before Valentich’s last reported contact.  Manifold, the photographer, had setup his camera on a tripod using a time lapse so he could capture the sunset.  Later when the pictures were analyzed they revealed an object exiting the water near the Cape Otway lighthouse.  The estimated time of the pictures was around 6:47 pm, just 20 minutes before Valentich reported having difficulties.

The pictures have been examined by researchers, however the pictures were not clear enough to determine what the object was, although it was estimated to be moving around 200 miles per hour as it exited the water.

My Analysis:

This case seems to have an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that it occurred.  We have pictures of an object emerging from the strait around the same time as the incident.  We also have a recorded log of the event from the air traffic controllers.  Additionally, the metallic scraping sounds were recorded and later analyzed.  There did not seem to be a pattern in the sounds and it is widely accepted that this is the exact moment of impact with an unkonw object.

Radar logs indicate no existence of another craft in the air which indicates that the craft was able to evade radar.  A technology which did not exist for another ten years at least.  My last question, and it remains unanswered, is what was Valentich actually doing in the air that day?  We know that he lied to everyone about what the true nature of the flight was.  He was not picking up passengers, nor was he picking up crayfish.  Why was Valentich heading to King Island that day?

Ultimately, I believe this case to be one of the strongest cases available to support the existence of alien piloted craft.


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