U.S.A.F. Operating Flights to Moon

In a document that was unveiled in a Freedom of Information Act request there are talks about the United States Air Force operating routine nuclear powered space flights into local space as well as to the moon.  The document even speculates that the U.S.A.F. is operating a base on the moon in which we regularly travel to and from.  The document suggests that the amount of nuclear fuel needed is no longer measured in pounds, but grams.

Now, I will be the first to admit that this article is mostly speculation and does not have any proof to substantiate the claims that are laid out, other than it was considered sensitive enough to hide from the public’s eye.  Unfortunately, the document does have redacted portions, including the signature of the individual responsible for the response which makes it difficult to truly validate.

The document, which I have included in images below is a two page document that discusses UFOs and flying saucers, space ports, gravetic propulsion or electro magenetic propulsion, as well as a moon base that has regular flights being conducted by the U.S.A.F.

One portion that stood out to me was a paragraph indicating that flying saucers or UFOs are nothing more than electro-magnetic propulsion craft that are being operated by the U.S.A.F.  The document refers to these craft as “dudes”.  It goes on to indicate that under normal flight there are no boosters or stages that are dropped and that the craft can return under it’s own power to a landing area.

In the event a flight is not “normal” the craft will burn up in the atmosphere and “all you are left with is a green Meteor and a memory of the fine crew that sacrificed their lives to try and perfect this technology, hopefully for the betterment of mankind.”  It also states that at this time, these craft are 100% controlled by the military.

Lastly, this document discusses the building of a space port that will serve as a dual purpose facility for Military and Commercial operations.  The document also states that by using nuclear powered craft rather than traditional liquid propellants they could save 833 tons of liquid oxygen and 137 tons of liquid hydrogen per flight.

My Analysis:

Documents like this one are the reason why people have a hard time trusting the information that comes from the government and other agencies.  I love the United States, I truly believe it is the greatest country on Earth, however there are definitely some shady elements that go along with it.

I understand that in order to remain one of the dominant super powers in the world we need to protect our ideas and inventions.  We need to ensure that our advanced technologies do not fall into the hands of the wrong nation, however once a technology has been developed and is being used on a regular basis, there seems to be no reason to hide that technology any longer.  (Does not apply to all cases, but UFOs and space flight I believe it does.)

In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before more documents like this one emerge and the world is brought up to speed in regards to our technological achievements.  If we are in fact routinely flying to the moon and have a moon base the world deserves to know that.  Companies like SpaceX are still relying on rocket powered craft to transfer materials from the Earth to space and that wasteful practice could be overcome with a few patents being shared.

If we truly are travelling to the moon as this document suggests, then there is no reason we cannot become a space faring civilization.  Space exploration should become a priority if the main obstacle, cost, has been eliminated or greatly reduced.


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