Norway Spiral – 2009

On December 9th, 2009 residents in Norway were given a spectacular light show in the form of a spiral that took up the entire northern sky.  The spiral was captured from many angles that range in distance and all seemed to have seen the same thing.  A massive spiral forming in the air with a smaller light also spiraling towards the center.

The spiral was covered by news agencies around the world which immediately sparked a flux of wild rumors, theories, and speculation.  Some theories state that it is a wormhole opening up in the sky to allow alien visitors through.  Another theory suggests a chemical being released in the air to help control the population, while another concludes it to be a never before seen aurora.

One of the more credible theories suggest a Birkeland Current, although that seems to have been dismissed by most now.  A Birkeland Current is a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines that connect the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere.  During high solar winds they are known to create rather spectacular aurora’s that can be very similar to what was seen over Norway.  Unfortunately, this theory was discredited when readings from various satellites showed a normal solar wind at the time the spiral formed.

Another theory that made the rounds was that it was a test of Project Blue Beam.  For those who are unaware, Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims NASA is attempting to implement a new age religion by simulating the second coming of Christ.  The theory suggests that a series of lights and holograms would be projected in the sky to trick people into believing Christ had returned.  Some suggest this same technology could be used to simulate an alien invasion.

While there is no proof that Project Blue Beam exists, many conspiracy theorists continue to believe in the project.  Most seem to think that this theory is the brainchild of paranoid individuals.  I prefer to not speculate on this though because stranger things have happened.  I would not put it past a government or even a group of individuals to attempt to pull off an event like Project Blue Beam.

Ultimately, the most likely cause of the spiral was a failed missile launch from the Russians.  While they immediately denied they had a failed launch test, the next day, after the rumor mill was in full swing, they did take credit for the launch.  They stated that the third stage of the missile had sprung a leak and started venting gas into the atmosphere.  The outer rings were due to the leak, while the inner rings were due to the expended propellant.  The video below seems to fully explain the sighting.


My Analysis:

I think that the sighting could have been caused by a failed missile test.  The evidence does seem to point in that direction.  Other similar failures have also resulted in very similar rings being formed in the sky over Norway.  In doing more research it does seem that this particular missile has failed six out of thirteen attempts as of 2009.  Seems the Russians are struggling with their missile technology.

Ultimately, if this was not a failed missile launch I have no explanation.  It does not seem like an Aurora to me, which is the second most likely explanation.  I do tend to believe that it was the failed missile launch though as there were NAVTEX warnings issued prior to the launch and the Russians did ultimately take credit for it.  The video above also seems to help solidify this argument.  I think we can put this one to rest.


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