Fast Radio Bursts (FRB)

The first Fast Radio Burst was detected in 2001 with at least twenty other bursts being reported since then.  The Fast Radio Bursts (FRB), as they have been dubbed, only last milliseconds and until recently were thought to be completely random making them very difficult to detect and study.

Attempts to track FRBs or to at least determine a pattern have been mostly fruitless until recently when a team detected ten FRBs that seemed to emanate from the same region in space.  This was the first time a repeating FRB had been discovered and has since been replicated with the detection of six more bursts.

It was initially thought that these FRBs were being created by anomalies in the data or satellites in space, however that has since been disproved.  We now know that FRBs do in fact originate far from the Earth, sometimes in far away galaxies.

What makes FRBs very odd is that while they last only milliseconds they generate as much energy as the sun puts out in an entire day.  To put it another way, a single FRB produces enough power to give every single person on planet earth a 60 watt light bulb that would burn constantly for their entire life, with power to spare.

At this point, scientists do not seem to have any answers for what FRBs are or how they are generated.  The thought that they were random in nature made them very difficult to observe and track.  Until recently scientists were not even sure they were real.

The reason I wanted to discuss this topic is because they could very well end up being alien communication attempts.  If not attempts for us, maybe we are eavesdropping on conversations between them.  If a civilization wanted to communicate across massive distances it would require a very strong signal.  FRBs are exactly that.

Of course, this assumes they have not discovered a way to communicate instantaneously across distances using technologies like quantum entanglement or something we have not even conceived possible.  Considering the vastness of space it is also possible that these messages have been travelling for hundreds of thousands of years before they developed more sophisticated technologies.

Lastly, was the WOW Signal an FRB?  It lasted a bit longer than milliseconds, however it could have been a form of one.  FRBs could differ in length depending upon the data being encoded.  It may just take a millisecond to send course data, but could take several seconds to send their entire encyclopedia of knowledge.

I’m not saying any of this is true, I want it to be, but my desires are in no way scientific fact.  I do think that we need to open our eyes to these types of signals and instead of trying to prove we are alone, start proving we are not.


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