Kaikoura Lights – 1978

On December 21st, 1978 the crew of a Safe Air Ltd cargo aircraft started observing a series of lights appearing around their aircraft.  For several minutes the lights appeared to track along the same course as their aircraft.  Throughout the encounter the lights would disappear and then reappear elsewhere in the sky quicker than thought possible.

As the crew continued to track the objects some claimed they could see little disks dropping out of the bottom of some of them, however not all crew members agree with this.  Additionally, nothing was ever found on the ground that appeared to be dropped from a craft.  What the crew does agree upon though is the size of the objects.  They state that some were as large as a house while others were very small.

The small objects seemed to be flashing rapidly and brightly while the larger object was more constant.  The objects were also being tracked by radar by local air traffic controllers in Wellington as well as by the on board radar system of the Armstrong Whitworth AW.660 Argosy aircraft the crew was piloting.

Eventually the crew and radar stations lost track of the objects which ended the events on December 21st.  A few nights later on December 30th, 1978 a television crew from Australia was recording background film for a network show regarding the event when they began spotting unidentified lights once again.  The lights were observed by five people on the flight deck and once again the objects were tracked on radar by Wellington air traffic controllers.

This time the objects were caught on color camera as recorded by the television crew.  One object followed the aircraft nearly until it landed.  The crew was not done flying for the evening so when the cargo plane had refueled and was ready to take off once again, this time heading toward Blenheim, the crew was on the look out for more lights.

They did not have to wait long.  As the cargo plane reached an altitude of around 2,000 feet the crew was once again greeted by an object, this time a “gigantic” orb which seemed to join in formation with the cargo aircraft off the left wing tip and tracked along with the plane for nearly fifteen minutes.  This entire encounter was caught on camera by the television crew.

In the coming weeks the sightings of strange lights were reported several times.  An Air Force Skyhawk was even put on stand-by to investigate any sightings that may be reported in an attempt to identify the source of the strange lights.

After the events had come to an end weeks later, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and police from the Carter Observatory tried to explain the sightings as squid boats reflected off clouds, unburnt meteors, lights from  the planet Venus and even trains and cars reflecting in the sky.  All who were involved adamantly deny that what they saw was a planet or reflections from cars, trains, or squid boats.

The only video I was able to find of this was from a News channel 3 video clip that shows the video taken by the television crew as well as their coverage.  Watch it below and stay tuned for my analysis.

My Analysis:

The fact that the Air Force offered up horrible explanations for these sightings to me gives this case credibility.  The fact that there were no military aircraft in the skies, or at least none that are claimed, means the Air Force was forced to try and explain these sightings using the traditional planet, reflection, swamp gas theories.

Also, the fact that these objects were tracked by radar in Wellington means that they were not ships, planets, cars, or trains.  These objects were obviously in the sky in order to be tracked by radar systems.  Additionally, the first crew was able to confirm the radar contact from the ground by using their on board radar.

This series of sightings is an excellent case file to help confirm the existence of unidentified objects in our skies.  Whether they were flown by aliens I am not sure, but these objects were obviously real.


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