Cylinder Object Hovering in Virginia

On June 17th, 2017 a husband and wife were sitting on their front porch around 10:45 pm.  As the two sat on the porch the wife noticed what appeared to be several meteorites shooting across the night sky.  At first, the wife dismissed it as an odd event, however thought they were nothing more than a shooting star.  As the couple continued their conversation the wife stopped her husband mid-conversation and pointed out an object hovering above their neighbors house.

The husband initially dismissed the object as an aircraft until they both realized it was sitting stationary and did not have any discernible sounds emanating from it.  It was at this point the wife panicked and headed inside their home.  The husband remained outside and summoned a neighbor a few houses down to come and witness the event as well.

After a few seconds, the wife calmed herself and was able to return to her husbands side where they watched and filmed the object.  All of the witnesses describe the object as being cylindrical in shape with lights on either end that appeared to flash at random.

After approximately five minutes the object began moving southwest and disappeared.  As the couple stood there discussing the event the two saw a red orb-like object appear in the sky that was making very rapid zigzag maneuvers before “zipping North.”  The video of their encounter is below and is very grainy due to the mobile device and low light.  Watch the video and read on for my analysis.


My Analysis:

While there is obviously something in the sky this night, I am not convinced this is a UFO.  It is unknown to the witnesses, however with all of the Army, Coast Guard, and other Military installations nearby this can easily be explained as a Military or Coast Guard craft.  Within a 200 mile radius of Richmond, which is where this sighting took place, there are over 20 military installations including Langly Air Force Base, and various US Army Air Force Exchanges.

Langly Air Force base is the home to a variety of wings including the 633rd Air Base Wing, 363rd Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Wing, 1st Fighter Wing, 192D Fighter Wing, and many more.  If I had to take a guess I would say that the craft they spotted this night was a part of the 363rd Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance wing on some sort of training mission.

I come to this conclusion because a UFO would have no need for lights on their craft.  Lights on our aircraft are mostly used for identification purposes.  Our skies are very busy places and the lights help avoid accidents at night.  A UFO piloted by alien beings would have no need for such lights and would not want to bring attention to their craft in this manor.

Unknown yes, extraterrestrial, probably not.


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