Majestic 12

The code name “Majestic 12” has been assigned to an alleged secret committee of military leaders, government officials, and scientists who are tasked with recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.  A series of documents that were leaked in 1984 seem to confirm the existence of this group, although the FBI declared these documents as “completely bogus”, even going as far as writing the word bogus across all of them in thick black marker for dramatic effect.

The documents start off by indicating that within the last six weeks there has been local publicity regarding “Operation Majestic-12” on at least two local radio talk shows.  The talk shows were focused on how the government was attempting to cover up UFOs and aliens in general and that this group had been formed to keep this a secret.

The next page is the beginning of a briefing that was put together for President elect Eisenhower on November 18th, 1952.  It is made very clear that the document is a briefing only and that it is only intended to be an introduction to the full operation which would come later.

The document outlines the twelve individuals who were assigned to the Majestic-12 group.  They are:

  • Lloyd Berkner
  • Hoyt Vandenberg
  • Gordon Gray
  • Donald H. Menzel
  • Robert M. Montague
  • James Forrestal – replaced by Walter B. Smith after his death
  • Detlev Bronk
  • Nathan F. Twining
  • Sidney Souers
  • Jerome Clarke Hunsaker
  • Vannever Bush
  • Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter

As the document continues, they begin to outline various crashes and recoveries that had taken place.  The first being on June 24th, 1947 when a civilian pilot was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington state when he observed nine-disc-shaped aircraft travelling in formation.  It also details how on July 7th, 1947 a secret operation was conducted to recover the wreckage of a craft seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell Army Air Base.

One page, in particular, that interested me was the page which describes how these documents were obtained.  It is stated that an employee, unknown, was walking through a lobby of his place of employment on the morning on October 18th, 1991, when he found these documents lying on the lobby floor.  He read the documents and immediately contacted the FBI who delivered the documents to the Salk Lake City Field Office.

The page has an entire paragraph that is blacked out and omitted which only adds to the speculation that these documents are in fact real.  The next paragraph does indicate that the FBI determined these to be a hoax nearly immediately even though they made reference to Project Sign and Project Grudge.

I highly recommend you read these documents if you are interested in this topic.  They have been linked below.

Majestic-12 PDF

My Analysis:

The fact that these documents were lying in a lobby to me indicates that they may have been dropped by a member of the Majestic 12 or a trusted courier of the documents.  Laying in the lobby is an odd place for documents like this to be which helps lend credibility to the source of them, in my opinion, however others disagree with me.

Additionally, the documents reference Roswell, an event I think we can all agree definitely occurred.  I haven’t covered the Roswell incident yet, mainly because it has enough coverage already, but I may change that in the coming week.

What I find striking about these documents is that large portions of them have been omitted and blacked out.  More than just names and addresses, entire blocks of text are missing.  There is also an entire page which did not seem to scan properly or was lost during transmission.  It shows a few marks here and there, however the page is nearly blank.  I feel like this page may contain information that was purposely mis-scanned or lost in an attempt to cover up the evidence that was being made available.

I believe this document to be credible evidence that our government is actively covering up and engaging in covert operations regarding UFOs.


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