USAF Cloaking Device

This is not a typical article for me as it does not involve an unknown object, but rather a sighting of an unknown, but known, craft.  On June 25th, 2017 around 11:24 am in the city of Moorpark California, a witness reported an oddly shaped aircraft that appeared to be emanating electrical interference as well as attempting to cloak itself.  The witness states that while sitting in a restaurant drive-thru lane they saw a craft that literally hurt their eyes to look at.  They claim it was using some kind of neural confusion device and that it reminded them of trying to look at a needle coming at their eye.

Although difficult to look at, they were able to get a good look at the craft and noted that even though it was stationary, it appeared to rotate radially.  The craft appeared to be large enough to hold at least one person, maybe two.  What stands out to the witness is that on the tail of the aircraft they could clearly make out the words “USAF 003” in white paint indicating that it is a US Military craft.

They went on to describe the craft as having bright, silver fixtures and having solid beacon lights that were white.  The tail appeared to move independently of the fuselage and there was a cockpit canopy or windscreen that was non-reflective and silver looking.  They noted that the canopy had a very odd indentation, however did not describe this in any more detail.  Overall, it looked like a cookie sheet with a top hat sitting on top of it.

As the witness continued to watch the craft they noticed a second craft, just like the first, join it in formation.  As they watched the two craft, they simply disappeared, although in their wake there was an inaudible pulse like concussion that everyone in the area seemed to feel.  The representative of the restaurant taking their order even exclaimed “Holy Shit” as the crafts left the area.

They estimate the crafts to have been around 400 feet above the ground near the 118 overpass in Moorpark.  All witnesses who were interviewed all told the exact same story and all had very similar descriptions of the craft they saw.  The witnesses were unable to catch video footage of the craft, however one witness did draw the following diagram illustrating what they saw.


My Analysis:

This sighting of a unknown, known, does help shed some light on additional sightings that have been reported over the years.  We know that military’s around the globe are experimenting with electronic fog systems that will help them evade modern radar and tracking systems.

We also know that as far back as the early 90’s the US Military has been experimenting with cloaking technologies on tanks and other vehicles.  This sighting seems to confirm that various agencies seem to have made significant progress on the technology to the point where we are actively testing, in broad daylight, over populated areas.

The fact that the USAF 003 tail number was so clear helps indicate that there are at least 2 other craft like it.  One may have been seen alongside this one.  Ultimately, I think we are very close to having this technology become a part of our mainstream media.  Sightings like this confirm that the military and government must be close to announcing this technology to the public.  That also means that it has been under development for many years without the larger public knowing.



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