Betty & Barney Hill Abduction – 1961

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction is one of the first widely publicized claims of abduction in modern UFO lore.  The couple claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire on September 19th, 1961.  This story was later turned into a book in 1966 called “The Interrupted Journey” and in 1975 a movie entitled “The UFO Incident”.

The Hills lived in Portsmouth, New Hampsire where Barney was employed by the U.S. Postal Service and Betty was a social worker.  They were also members of the NAACP, respected community leaders, and attended the Unitarian Congregation.  Barney also sat on a local board of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.  This topic was very important to the Hills since they were an interracial which was very unusual for the times.

On September 19th, 1961 the Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls when Betty claimed to have observed a bright point of light in the sky that moved below the moon and the planet Jupiter.  It was moving upward towards the west side of the moon.  Betty initially suspected this object to be a shooting star or a plane or satellite until the object began moving in erratic patterns.  Eventually the object began moving closer to the car and grew bigger and brighter in the night sky.

Betty grabbed a pair of binoculars and observed and “odd shaped” craft flashing multiple colors as it traveled across the face of the moon.  Betty’s sister had experienced a similar event just a few years prior so Betty was becoming suspicious of the object, thinking it may be the same or similar object her sister had experienced.

As the Hill’s continued travelling the object seemed to follow them.  At times passing very close to ground objects like a restaurant and signal tower on top of Cannon Mountain.  Betty estimated that the object was approximately forty feet long and seemed to be rotating.

After passing one mile South of Indian Head the object very quickly approached their vehicle forcing Barney to stop in the middle of the highway.  The craft was now estimated anywhere from 80-100 feet above the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air the Hills were driving.  The object filled the windshield it was so close to their vehicle.  It was at this point that Barney claims to have seen eight to as many as eleven humanoid figures look out the windows of the craft.

Betty and Barney both indicate that they were told to “stay where they are and continue looking.”  Neither knows how they were told this as there were no beings close enough to speak to them.  After a few moments, figures wearing glossy black uniforms and black caps became apparent.  Barney at this point became hysterical and ran back to his car, which he had exited earlier to get a better view.  As he ran back towards the car and Betty he exclaimed “They’re going to capture us!”

Immediately after Barney entered the vehicle the Hills heard a rhythmic series of beeping and buzzing sounds which seemed to bounce off the trunk of their vehicle.  The car vibrated and their bodies started to tingle from the sound.  After a second set of code-like beeping and buzzing the Hills found themselves alone and that they had traveled nearly 35 miles South but could not remember much about the journey.  The only thing the two remembered was making a sudden turn, encountering a road block and a fiery orb in the road.

Upon arriving home they realized some time had gone missing as the journey had taken longer than expected.  They also noticed a series of circles that seemed to be burnt into their vehicles trunk.  There was also a pink powder on Betty’s dress along with a tear at the hem, zipper, and lining.

Stranger events continued happening to the Hills over the coming days and weeks.  I will follow up in another article with those details since there are quite a few instances of odd events.

My Analysis:

This case seems to come from a respected source.  The Hills were well respected and had no reason to draw additional attention to themselves.  Additionally, both witnesses had strikingly similar stories that have never once deviated from one another.  There was also physical evidence on the car and Betty’s dress that seem to coincide with the events they describe.

Overall, this story has a lot of merit and seems to be as legitimate as they come.  It has definitely been investigated in depth by a variety of sources, most come to the same conclusion I just did.


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