Slow Moving Triangle in La Mesa, CA

On July 20th, 2017 a witness reported to MUFON that they had a strange encounter with a triangle shaped craft in the area.  They reported watching a triangle-shaped object silently move overhead with white lights on all three points.  The witness was returning home from dinner around 9:40 p.m. while riding on their motorized wheelchair.  Their transportation van was in the shop for maintenance so this was their only means of transportation.

The witness was followed by their daughter and son-in-law in their truck so the witness could see utilizing the head lights of the truck.  The area was dark as there were no streetlights present in their area.  The witness was utilizing a strobe light on the front of the motorized wheel chair.

As the witness turned onto Highwood Street onto Wetherly Street they became aware of the flashing white lights above.  They were approximately fifty yards behind and above the witness and emitted absolutely no sound what-so-ever.  The witness does state that they live in an area near an airport so there is frequent air traffic overhead.

The witness describes the white lights as blinking together, not randomly, and assumed they were navigation lights, although quickly realized otherwise as they were not similar to any other craft they were aware of.  The thing that stood out to the witness was that there was absolutely no sound emitted by the craft.  The witness even completely stopped at times to ensure there was truly no sound being emitted by the craft.

The craft disappeared in an Easterly direction and was lost once it was obscured by some trees in the neighbors yard.  The witness did call the local police department to ask if any sightings had been encountered.  None had been reported by any other witnesses.

My Analysis:

The fact that the witness called the local police does lead me to believe that they did in fact see lights in the sky.  As to whether they were an alien piloted craft I have my doubts.  I tend to lean towards military lately when people witness triangle shaped craft with lights on the tips.

I lean this way because an alien craft has no purpose for lights on their crafts.  Yes, it may be a side effect of their propulsion system, however I tend to believe they are military craft with running lights.  Additionally, triangle shaped craft seem to be the common standard for military craft and we know that our military has been working with anti-gravity ships based on day-time sightings and patents that have been filed and made public.


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